Where to Find the Best Diaper Coupons

diaper coupon codes

One thing you can count on when it comes to parenting is lots and lots of dirty diapers.  And face it: kids are expensive, and diapers are one of those costs that keep rising. With most families spending between $30 to $60 each week on this necessity alone, it is no wonder most of them are looking for a bargain. But what if those generic diapers are not holding up?  Don’t skimp when it comes to outfitting your baby with the proper poop protection. A better strategy is to look for coupons to help offset this inevitable cost. But where can you find them?

The Sunday Newspaper

If you have never “couponed” before, you may not be aware that every Sunday, most print newspapers across the nation distribute entire booklets of coupons, which often contain ones from your favorite diaper manufacturers.

Your Favorite Store:

You may be tempted to grab a pack of diapers at your local department store – but wait!  If you buy them at the grocery store or pharmacy you may find yourself receiving additional coupons; especially if you have a membership card.  For instance, every time you spend a certain amount, CVS prints out in-store coupons (and vouchers) for certain products, which can then be combined with manufacturer’s coupons, making your next purchase even cheaper.

Grocers also give coupons of like items with your receipt. So, if you buy a pack of Pampers, you might find yourself the happy recipient of a Luvs coupon at the checkout.

Warehouse stores like Costco, BJ’s and Sam’s Clubs also run monthly coupon specials which lower the price of larger quantities of diapers. Plus, you may also be able to use multiple coupons from the Sunday paper to bring the price down even further.


What can’t you find online these days? Are you looking for a coupon for a specific brand or store? Check out some of those popular coupon sites for what you are seeking. Be careful though.  Some charge a nominal fee for membership, while others let you print what you need for free.  To make it even easier to get the coupons you need, you can sign up for the site’s app so that you can use electronic coupons on your phone at the checkout.


Are you totally in love with Luvs or Pampers or Huggies? Write a quick note of thanks to the manufacturer to tell them what you like about their product and ask for a few coupons. The odds are good that they will gladly send you a few. You also can check out their website. Manufacturers often offer printable coupons there.

The Pediatrician’s Office

Check out the free flyers at your pediatrician’s office – you may be surprised to find diaper coupons there! Manufactures and sales reps often leave stacks of coupons for their products in the waiting room. Or ask at the front desk since some offices keep them there to ensure that everyone gets the opportunity to save.

Friends  and Relatives :

Coupon swapping isn’t just efficient; it can also be fun! Be sure to ask your friends, family, and other moms for any extra diaper coupons they may not need. You may be surprised at how many coupons find their way into your hands. After all, grandma doesn’t need six coupons from the local newspaper, and even fellow moms may have spares of brands they don’t use much.

When it comes to finding great diaper coupons, the golden rule is simple: ask around. You may be surprised where you see those coveted coupons.