Stacksocial Coupons


Over the past few years there have been quite a few websites that offered “Mac Bundles”: mac software bundled up as a package and sold together for a discounted price.

Stacksocial seems to have taken that business model and ran with it: the website offers bulk purchases for deeply discounted prices. While the website does tend to focus on software packages, there are also lots of other cool items for sale on the website: online web courses (from websites like Udemy), as well as phone cases and other gadgets that decide to have one-off sales.

You’ve got to hand it to them: they knew how to take a good idea and run with it. Most mac bundles have fallen by the wayside in favor of Stacksocial’s massive popularity. And as a result, Stacksocial is able to offer even better prices than before.

It goes to show you what the business strategy of taking the ball and running with it can do for a business. There were dozens of mac bundle websites out there, but none of them were as aggressive as Stacksocial. And now, they’ve taken up all the oxygen in the room.

It reminds me of Bill Gates. After Google took off and became the #1 search engine (starting in 2003), Gates praised them for taking that one element of the internet and running with it. Search, which was one of many features of Microsoft, was never very good, and was likely to never get better had Google not shown the way.

While Stacksocial isn’t exactly the next Google, it does show you what a little decisive action can do for your business.

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