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akg headphones1

akg headphones1

The world of headphones can be a tricky and scary place. Most people buy one pair of headphones in a given year. They search for the type of headphones that hey want, and then discover audiophile forums where people argue endlessly amongst themselves about obscure topics like audio fidelity, MHZ and other nonsensical terms.

What if you want a pretty good pair of headphones, want a really good deal on them, but don’t want to be talked down to on the internet?

Well, you’re in luck!

There are a few sites that always have good deals. You can check the headphones section of Newegg.com. Newegg is a discount electronics website where you can find dozens of deals going on at any one time.

We can’t feature their deals here, because they change every single day. It would be way too complicated to try and keep up with their deals. So we recommend checking out their website to see what the best deals are.

Tigerdirect – Tigerdirect.com is a site not unlike Newegg. They also have a headphones section that is full of steeply discounted deals for headphones, earbuds and more. Like Newegg they don’t have a recommendation service or anything like that, but if you’re not too picky then you can pick up some sweet cans (that’s an audiophile term) for a good price.

More Sites for Recommendations:

If you’re here then we’re assuming that you want to stay away from pretentious audiophile forums like Head-fi. But don’t worry, there are plenty of cool websites out there for regular people who just want a good set of headphones and need a little help narrowing down their choices.

  1. /r/headphones – This is a subreddit of the popular website Reddit. Here headphones enthusiasts gather. They have an extensive sidebar of recommended headphones for price range and type of activity (i.e. running, working out, home, commuting).
  2. Classical Music Headphones – This is a neat site that focuses on headphones for people who appreciate classical music. Call it a reaction against the “Beats” phenomenon, but there are lots of good reveiws and recommendations based on price range as well.
  3. CNET – This site has been around forever. It has pages for almost all of the major headphones. When there are full reviews available, the website is top notch. But many times there is only a blurb, and it’s not very helpful.