Daily Deals – A New One Every Day!!

adiscount coupon daily deal website

Welcome to our new Site!

adiscount coupon daily deal website

Here’s how our site works: each day we will feature a new and exciting daily deal from one of our partners. Each of these deals will be a steal: 50% or More Off the regular price.

Featured Deal: Greengeeks

Greengeeks is having a flash sale: $1.99/month web hosting. This will be going on all week. This Greengeeks promotion is only valid with a Greengeeks coupon.

This promotion will be running all week long.

How Do We Find These Prices?

We skim the internet looking for sweet deals from all over the internet. Sometimes we feature automatically-updating deals from Amazon.com and eBay. We also have featured deals, which are some sweet deals that other coupon sites have that are just too good to pass up.

Here are Today’s Daily Deals:

  • Today’s Deal from Stacksocial:

How Big Of A Daily Deal Are We Talking Here?

Most of our featured deals are well over 50% off the regular price. Like other daily deal sites like Groupon and Livingsocial, these deals can only be offered if there is significant traffic.

How do Vendors Make Money on These Promotions?

Most of the time they don’t. Here’s why they do it:
If you buy 1000 products and sell 200 for the regular price (with a big profit margin), you might still lose money if you still have to store the remaining 800 products. Plus the shelf space (or storage space) may be preventing other items from being featured that would bring in more money.
So…if you offer a significant discount and lose a little money when you are getting rid of the 800 or so products, that can actually be better than the alternative. You get rid of the stock, and when you put together all the revenue you made by selling the 200 regular price and 800 discounted, it can still add up to an overall profit.

Other Fringe Benefits:

The other fringe benefit is that you’ve added 800 customers who have purchased a product from you. Those customers, even if only a small percentage return, could significantly improve your recurring customer base. You might also increase your newsletter readers, and overall brand recognition.

These deals are just a new business model that benefits consumers, as well as benefitting businesses that can adapt. If a business is willing to help you out by offering you an amazing deal, aren’t you more likely to look upon them more kindly?